Limiting Freedom

Topics: Smoking ban, Seat belt legislation, Cigarette Pages: 8 (3414 words) Published: January 4, 2013
Limiting Freedom
Paige Shields
Ethics: Freedom Seminar
June 27, 2012
The federal government is take their role a little too far by limiting some of the simplest freedoms that have been given to the American people. The American people are being used by the government to create the “perfect” society in unjust and unethical ways. They are using things such as seatbelt policies that are costing more money than we could ever imagine, smoking in public to limit the amount of tobacco use in America, motorcycle laws to make us seem more safe, and health care to raise the revenues for the country. What they have not looked at, is all of the consequences that will follow because of all of these changes. Have you ever wondered what freedom actually is? What is really means? What it allows us to do, and what it keeps us from doing? Well, Dr. Richard Ebeling, Professor of Economics at Northwood University presented us with a lecture that answers all of those questions. This presentation is called Philosophies of freedom: Individual rights, the social order, and the role of government. In Dr. Ebeling’s lecture, he defines freedom in a different way than I have ever heard before. He states that the free man is both an end in himself and the means to his own ends. This means that with freedom, man is expected to make a living for himself and his family. In America, we are free to do this in whatever way we feel necessary. However, recently the federal government has taken steps to limit our freedoms. It is unethical for the federal government to limit our freedoms using new laws and reforms. After listening in on Dr. Ebeling’s first presentation, I have chosen to write my paper on the freedoms that are being limited by the federal government. There were a few named in his presentation, but I decided to go a different route in order to defend my point a little better. In the past few years of my life, it has become more apparent to me that the federal government is taking advantage of the citizens of the United States, in order to create the democracy that they want to have. They are using us as citizens in order to make changes that we have no control over. Using us to do what they want is wrong, and in fact unethical. These freedoms include the new seatbelt laws, smoking in public, motorcycle laws, and healthcare. They are things that the American people have never really had to worry about. Before the laws were changed, Americans were allowed to choose when they wear their seatbelts, when and where they smoke cigarettes, whether or not they wear a helmet on a motorcycle, and the healthcare that they want to have. Now, none of these things are given to us as a choice. We are now forced to follow all of the guidelines put in place by the federal government. As a young person that has grown up seeing the changes that have gone on in our federal government, I get to see first-hand how some of the freedoms of the American people are being restricted by the government. My life has been changed in only a few ways due to the recent law changes, however many of the people around me have been negatively affected by the laws and I feel that it is very unethical for the government to limit our freedom. I don’t want to see the future of this country go to the waste side because we did not make changes now. It isn’t fair. The first true-life situation where it is clear the government has over stepped its boundaries is in seat belt legislation. This is the most simple, yet most annoying of all of the new laws made by the government. Every American is taught at an extremely early age to wear a seatbelt. Our parents, other family members, police officers, and teachers have preached it to us since day one. They stress how important wearing a seatbelt is. As we age from the time where we earn our license to the time we move away, wearing our seatbelt becomes one of many choices that we should get to make...
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