Limited Use of Cell Phones

Topics: Mobile phone, Middle school, High school Pages: 3 (1453 words) Published: March 30, 2013
Argumentative essay
Mobile cell phones should be limited in certain schools

Mobile phones can be an issue in certain schools. Mobile phones should be banned in elementary and middle schools. However, phones during class in high school and college should be up to the teacher, whether or not to have them. As youths get older, they become more responsible on how they use their phones.Elementary schools shouldn’t have phones' period. The kids shouldn’t have a phone that young. They don’t need it for many reasons. Parents know where they are any ways. There is always an adult around. In case of an emergency, the school can contact the parents. There is also a phone in the office and every classroom. Kids that young are easily distracted and those having a phone will make it worse. If they have a phone, they won’t do their class work or homework. They are not as social because they are too distracted with the latest Smartphone. Kids wouldn’t have as much fun with their friends that are over. They would be too involved in looking at their cell phones.

Having a cell phone when in elementary school can help when kids are walking home from school. If the kids don’t answer the house phone when they are home, they are more likely to answer their cell phones. If they are outside, and their parents try to call they won’t hear the house phone. Kids won’t bring out the house phone; however, will bring their own cell phone. On the other hand, say that a group of 5th graders are walking to get a drink from sonic or 7-elven they have something in case one of the parents wants to text them to see where they are.

Middle schools should have phones either during school hours. Middle schoolers can be a little active. When you have a cell phone, they are more likely to cheat during a test. The students are more probable to text parents to get them out of a test or quiz. They are more likely to get into trouble. During class, they could be internet surfing and texting. They...
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