Limited Government

Topics: Separation of powers, President of the United States, Judiciary Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: December 6, 2011
A limited government is imperative to, not only the freedom, but the success of a country. The revolutionary war, as well as the civil war, was fought because one side thought the government needed to have more restrictions then it already did. Are government was designed with an intricate system of checks and balances that made us the country we are today. These checks and balances give us our freedom by limiting our government. How? Because our founding fathers knew that man is fallen, and evil. The only way to ensure freedom was to give more power to the people than to the government. The idea to have the three branches of government actually comes from the Bible. The Bible mentions Prophet, Priest and King, which correspond to the judicial, legislative and executive branches of our own government. Prophet being the legislative branch, who makes the laws. The Priest being the judicial branch, and making sure the laws do not contradict what the Bible (or in this case the constitution) says. And the King being the Executive branch, and enforcing the laws. The expressed powers of our government are explained in the first few articles of the constitution.

The Executive branch of our nation is comprised of the President and his Vice President. This is one of the three branches of government. This branch enforces the laws, and controls our military. But like the other branches of our government they are limited. Powers of the President Alone: commander in chief of the armed forces; commission officers of the armed forces; grant reprieves and pardons for federal offenses (except impeachment); convene Congress into special session; receive ambassadors; take care that the laws be faithfully executed; make use of the "executive power" of the office; appoint officials to lesser offices. Powers shared with the Senate/House: make treaties; appoint ambassadors, judges, and high governmental officials; approve legislation.

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