Limited Freedom in Colleges

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  • Published : March 3, 2013
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Mike Coyne
Rhetoric and Composition II

Limited Freedom in College
College is advertised as a place where you learn to grow up and become an independent adult. A place with a variety of freedom. All the perks seem to be there except the one that has followed us since elementary school, the freedom of class selection. It may seem that we get freedom of class selection but there is always that catch, General Education. The monster that has haunted us since the beginning of our education journey. If society wants to use college to treat us like adults by giving us freedom then they should start with giving us full freedom not partial.

A point I want to make is that there are classes that are totally unnecessary for certain lines of work. For example why would a nurse need to have college multiple semesters of mathematics let alone calculus? I don’t think a doctor needs to know extensive math in order to write someone a prescription. Now in my area of education, being a religion major, I don’t think I need to learn to know the difference between different types of writing or need to know how to dissect a living organism. Instead of having me remember all these historic events that happened in the U.S. why not let me take more classes that have to do with communicating since that what ministers and pastors do for a living. I feel that majors should focus more on the actual classes that can contribute to the persons area of desired profession. One way a university could do this is by evaluating there courses a little deeper and see which course are more beneficiary to the students major.

Many people argue that Gen. Ed is needed because it’s a good way to ease into college well my counter with that is I don’t see how me doing a normal job like working T.L.E ( Tire Lube Express) at Wal-Mart will help me learn to preach the gospel to the youth. How does working as a retail clerk help anyone who wants to be a dentist? What I’m getting at is if the classes in the...
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