Limerick Hilton Hotel

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|Aim |2 | |Objectives and Methodology |3 | |The Hilton Hotel group (History) |4-5 | |Photo of Organisation, Map |6 | |Location, Size, Ownership |7 | |Staffing at Limerick Hilton |8 | |Organisational chart |9 | |Staff functions |10-13 | |Controls |14-16 | |Advertising |16 | |Health, safety and Hygiene |17 | |Communication methods |17-18 | |SWAT and PEST Analysis |19-20 | |My opinion on the impact of the structures on the performance |21 | |of Organisation | | |Conclusion |22 | |Bibliography |23 | |Appendix |24 |

From doing this report on a large company such as a Hilton chain of Hotels I hope to gain an insight into how a large company operates. I also hope to see how staff is recruited, how communications within the company work.

Objectives and Methodology

I am going to write a report for my business administration module. The subject of my report is the Hilton hotel chain and in particular Limerick Hilton hotel. I will look at the structure and functions of this organisation. I will be looking at the history, ownership of the company, staffing, control, advertising, SWAT, PEST analysis.

The main source of information was from my work experience in the company, my class notes, my text and the internet.

The Hilton Hotel group (History)

Conrad Hilton purchased his first hotel in Texas, USA in 1919. This was the basis of the Hilton Corporation. A corporation is a company recognized by law as a single bodies its own powers and liabilities, separate from those of the individual members. In 1946 the Hilton Hotel Corporation is listed on the New York Stock Exchange. The Hilton Istanbul opened in 1955 as the first Turkish hotel to meet international standards and is longest running European hotel. In 1964- Hilton International which consists of Conrad, DoubleTree, Homewood hotels, became an independent company with a right to use the Hilton name outside the USA. Within the group there are a number of different brands which means they can offer hotels and...
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