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  • Published : May 20, 2013
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Chapter 10
1. John was taking care of his niece and nephew. When his niece fell off the bed and spilt her head. John will be with child abuse. (true/false) 2. In the clip “Kelsey’s story” what abuse did she suffer A)Sexual B)NeglectC)PhysicalD)None of the above 3. Child neglect is defined as when a child’s health or welfare is unattended. (true/false) 4. Mary is the mother of three children. She is a single mother and barely makes ends meet. She refuses to go social services for assistance. The children eat only two to three times a week. What can Mary be child with?A)PhysicalB)NeglectC)RitualD)None of the above 5. The story of Jordan Heikamp did he endure sexual abuse. (true/false) 6. In 1874 what was the name of the child that endured abuse, but the NYPD could not take any action because there was no law to address the abuse of children by the caretakers.A)Helen Keller B)Ann FrankC)Steve UrkleD)Mary Ellen Wilson 7. Intergenerational trans violent theory is also known as the what theory?A)Big Worded TheoryB)Abuse theoryC)Munchausen Syndrome proxy D)Cycle of Violence Theory 8. According to most recent confirmed research which abuse is more prevalent than othersA)SexualB)NeglectC)RitualD)Physical 9. Theories of physical child abuse are (1)the psychopathological model (2)the interactional model and (3)the environmental-sociological-cultural model(true/false) 10. Which theory of child neglect suggest neglect is caused by stress as a result of living in poverty?A)economic theoryB)ecological theory
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