Lilian Mattfield

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The character sketch of Lilian Matfield
Lilian Matfield is one of the main characters in the novel Angel Pavement that as the rest suffered from Mr. Golspie , who destroyed their life and happiness. But as far as Lilian is concerned, Golspie affected her stronger than the others as there were her feelings, her dignity that turned out to be absolutely neglected by the man who at fist lit the fire bw the two himself. Miss Matfield, a typist, was one of those strictly modern young ladies. She was not pretty, but she might have been handsome if somebody had kept telling her she was pretty. Miss Matfield was always dissatisfied with everything around, with people, things and life on the whole. And this dissatisfaction even reflected in her appearance. …her face, her voice, her manner, all pointed to the conclusion that Lilian Matfield nursed some huge, some overwhelming grievance against life, but though she gave tongue to a thousand little grievances every day, she never mentioned the monster. But there it was, raging away, when she was complaining or being bitter about everything; and there it was, raging away more furiously than ever, when she was being bright and jolly, which was not often, and hardly at all during business hours. Miss Matfield had a good education behind her, she was a promising worker. In her own opinion she was quite different from these others, much superior, a more vital, splendid being. At the office she was posh and bossy, a rather formidable sort of girl, as Mr. Dersingham considered her to be. She put Mr. Dersingham, Mr. Smeeth and the others in their places and knew exactly what she thought about the others. Mr. Dersingham she neither liked or disliked, she merely tolerated him. Mr. Smeeth seemed to her a pathetic creature who lived a grey life, his drudgery sometimes irritated her. Turgis she despised and even resented. Stanltey and little Cockney girl were for her just a couple of amusing little animals, a pair of spaniels, inferior...
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