Lil Wayne

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Can anyone tell me what the connection is between the Grammy Award winner for the Best Rap Song in 2009, “Lollipop”; Lamont in “Hurricane Season”; and the One Family Foundation Organization? The answer my friends, is Lil Wayne.

Lil Wayne is a popular hip-hop artist around the world today and is an inspiration to youth to engage in opportunities presented to them.

He is a prime example of someone who took advantage of the opportunities given to him. He went above and beyond his expectations and is now not only successful but a well- rounded person as well.

First, he is a mastermind of hardcore rhymes
Second, he is an actor
Third, he is a generous and well-rounded person

So Let’s go back to the start of the career now belonging to the man known as the “best rapper alive”

Dwayne Michael Carter Jr. came into this world on September 27, 1982 in New Orleans, Louisiana. He was raised in the renowned suburb of Hollygrove, where he was a straight “A” student. He felt as though report cards never really reflected his true intelligence, and that music was the best way to convey himself. He soon took on the name Gangsta D, and started creating rhymes. At age 11, he persuaded the Cash Money label to take him on, even if it was just doing odd jobs. In 1997, he dropped the name Gangsta D, due to a father whom abandoned him, and officially became known as Lil Wayne. Since the start of his career, he has gone on to win 40 awards, and has been nominated for 56, not to mention several hits along the way.

He has taken part in movies.

In 2008, he was involved in “Hurricane Season”, in which he portrayed Lamont. In 2009, he took part in “Fast & Furious”, and in the year 2000, he acted in “Baller Blockin”.

Despite how famous and successful he has become, Lil Wayne never fails to remember his roots. Last year, in 2009, he donated $50,000 toward the Renovation of Harrell Parks basketball courts. He grew up playing at that park and wanted to help kids from his...
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