Topics: Film, Cinematography, The Criterion Collection Pages: 2 (443 words) Published: May 11, 2013

Tenth Edition

Film Art

An Introduction

David Bordwell & Kristin Thompson

About the Authors

Experience Film Art with Connect Film

Studying the arts isn’t just about learning the facts; that’s why we emphasize the skills of watching and listening closely. Together with the Criterion Collection, We’ve developed Connect film to introduce students to the world of film and challenge them to develop the critical analysis skills necessary to become informed(adj 消息灵通的 见多识广的 v 通知 使了解 提供资料) viewers.

Brief contents

Part1. Film art and filmmaking
Film as art: creativity(n 创造力 创造性), technology , and business

Part2. Film form
The significance of film form
Narrative form

Part3. Film style
The shot : mise-en-scene(法语 场景调度)
The shot : cinematography(n 电影艺术)
The relation of shot to shot: editing
Sound in the cinema
Summary : style as a formal system

Part4. Types of films
Film genres (n 流派 体裁 种类)
Documentary(adj 记录的 文件的 记实的 n 纪录片) experimental and animated films

Part5. Critical analysis of films
Film criticism(n 批评 考证 苛求): sample analyses
Appendix: writing a critical analysis of a film

Part6. Film history
historical changes in film art: conventions and choices, tradition and trends (n 动态 趋势) Glossary(n术语 词汇表 专业词典)
Credits(n学分 信用 工作人员 v相信 归因于)
Recommended DVD and Blu-Ray Supplements
Index (指标;指数;做索引;指出)

Film is a young medium(adj 中间的 中等的 n 方法 媒体 媒介). Painting , literature, dance, and theater have existed for thousands of years, but film was invented only a little more than a century ago. Yet in its comparatively(adv 比较地 相当地) short span(n 跨度 跨距 范围 vt 跨越 持续), the newcomer has established itself as an energetic(adj 精力充沛的 积极的 有力的) and powerful art.. It’s this art that we explore...
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