Like a Rolling Stone Anaylsis

Topics: Andy Warhol, Poetry, Edie Sedgwick Pages: 2 (694 words) Published: November 2, 2012
Like a rolling stone, written and sung by Bob Dylan was released in July 1965 as part of the album Highway 61 Revisited. The time period this song was released heavily impacted on the construction of the song. According to Dylan the basis of the song came from an extended piece of verse. In 1966, Dylan described the genesis of "Like a Rolling Stone" to journalist Jules Siegel. “It was ten pages long. It wasn't called anything, just a rhythm thing on paper all about my steady hatred directed at some point that was honest. In the end it wasn't hatred, it was telling someone something they didn't know, telling them they were lucky. Revenge, that's a better word. I had never thought of it as a song, until one day I was at the piano, and on the paper I was singing, "How does it feel?" in a slow motion pace, in the utmost of slow motion.” Like a rolling stone was well out of the norm for a folk song in the 60’s and most radio stations were hesitant to play his song to the public. This was because firstly it was over six minutes long, which was which was very long at the time and because it had a heavy electric sound because he used an electric guitar. When he performed this song for the first time he was heavily booed because of this. Bob Dylan’s life at the time had a massive influence on the song as it was based on that Edie Sedgwick and the nature of Dylan’s relationship with her at the time of its writing and recording. The song is about a rich girl that thought she could stay rich forever who went to the best school but wasted time doing drugs and partying but when she is faced with the harshness of poverty she is struggling to cope with her life because she had never been taught how to live on the street. The girl in the song is most likely Edie Sedgwick as Edie had come from a wealthy California family but a difficult home environment. She went to Cambridge University, which was one of the best schools, but wasted her time doing drugs. She went through all her...
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