Like Water for Chocolate

Topics: Emotion, Wedding cake, Feeling Pages: 2 (600 words) Published: September 24, 2008
In many families traditions are passed down through generations. While some families only pass down their names, others go through businesses, activities, and even recipes. In the novel, Like Water For Chocolate, by Laura Esquivel, recipes became a large source of history. The entire De La Garza family spilled their emotions, feelings, and ideas into each dish they had cooked. Like any other tradition, it definitely became a struggle, but it soon grew into a natural part of life.

The chabela wedding cake was on of the most significant recipes in the novel. Tita, daughter of Mama Elena, and sister of soon to be married Rosuara, had begun to prepare the meal for Rosuara's wedding. The chabella wedding cake consists of: 175 grams refined granulated sugar, 300 grams cake flour, and 17 eggs. During the preparation of the cake, Mama Elena sternly stated that she will not have Tita ruin her sisters wedding. Although Tita is used to this type of deflation from her mother, she and her sister could no longer take it, causing both of them to breakdown. Like any sister, Nacha comforted Tita, encouraging her to release all her emotions and feelings before the wedding. Before Tita could get back to her senses, they had found that she had poured her tears into the cake batter. Nacha then tasted the icing to see if Tita's tears had made it salty, but she found that the flavor was unchanged, but suddenly, she was overcome with a sense of loss. A loss so horrible that she had begun to ache and could not attend the wedding. Tita did not have time to attempt to make another batch of cake batter, so she had also used this for the day of the wedding. As the guests begun to eat the cake, everyone was introduced to the same feeling that struck Nacha earlier. Not only was it the sense of loss that entered everyones mind, but even vomiting.

The ingredients and preparation of Rosuara's wedding cake had absolutely had a large impact on everyone besides Tita. For example, the incident...
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