Like Mother Like Daughter, or Is It the Other Way Around?

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  • Published : May 1, 2013
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Like Mother Like Daughter, or is it the Other Way Around?

In the book Half Broke Horses by Jeannette Walls there is a dynamic mother daughter relationship between Lilly, in the later years, and Rosemary. One being the broken horse and one remaining a half broke horse as mother in daughter they clash in many ways, yet are similar in the life choices they make and who they are as people. Between the broken horse, Lilly, and her daughter Rosemary the half broke horse; they are much more alike than both would generally appear on the surface. Both Lily and Rosemary were defiant towards their mothers, made mistakes in the choice of commitment to marrying the right man, and chased wild things in life that .

Lilly Casey Smith was from the start a female who thought that the way her mother chose do things was nothing short of odd. From her mother furnishing the dugout made on a bank of Salt Draw with velvet curtains, an oriental rug, walnut headboard, and even a silver serving set to always saying that everything that happened was nothing short of God’s will. This was especially true after a flood

destroyed their home and all Lilly’s mother could say was “Now wasn’t that God’s will?” (14). Lilly was more likely to be seen out helping her father carry wood or tote the water into the house. She was a true daddy’s girl that proved to be opposite to her mother. Just the same Rosemary was defiant towards her mother, Lilly. When she was a child Rosemary said “ […] all I want to do is to live on the ranch and be an artist. That’s my dream.” (194). Of course any mother would want their daughter to do something that would take that child places and give them a chance to survive in the world. Yet Rosemary continued on the same artistic path and made decisions that seemed to frustrate her mother even more. Both women did not fully agree with the way their mothers chose to live or wanted their daughter’s lives to be.

Both Lilly and Rosemary seemed to have...
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