Topics: Asian American, United States, Asia Pages: 2 (622 words) Published: October 5, 2011
Our Lost of Value Gives Rise to Other Nations

Today in America education is not highly valued in our society as it were in the past As our education value decline other country in Asia (such as China, Japan, Korea, India, Pakistan, e.t.c) excel over us. After reading the article “Why They Excel” by Fox Butterfield I began to understand some of the reason why Asia excels. Butterfield clearly state that American students are not doing as well as Asia student because American family are not getting involve/supporting in their children school life. And also it’s hard work, motivation, and how we’re raised. I believe this is true because many Americans have lost their value of hard work to succeed in life; instead they rely on talent alone.

As I read more into the article “Why They Excel” Butterfield talks about how Asian students excel over their classmates generally because they are supported/pressured by their families. Many Asian American students are immigrants or first generation Americans as Butterfield state in the article “Don Lee, 20, is a junior at Berkeley. His parents immigrated to Torrance, Calif, From South Korea when he was 5, so he could get a better education. Lee said his father would warn him about the about the danger of wasting time at high school dances or football games. Instead… for fun on weekend, my friends and I would go to the town library to study.” So the Asian student have a lot of support and pressure to better themselves, because their parents gave up a lot to move here to help them. Therefore the student can not let their parents down. Asian parents have high expectations their kids will make it.

Another motivation why Asian student do better is guilt to their parents. In Fox Butterfield’s “Why They Excel”, Butterfield mention a girl who encountered many hardships in her life, but says “I have to do well, says the sophomore at Cornell University. I owe it to my parents in Vietnam.” This greatly influences the student to be...
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