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In the article starfields the main person telling the events in the nation is Dava she explains the world and why we get so much lightning and where it occurs. In her first explanation she explains that USA is in the middle of the region of lighting ally and its pathways and no matter what we are always going to be in the same place. Sometimes since the lighting is so bad they have to cancel the flights of the planes because its too bad to fly and if we weren’t in the center of that region then we would not have to worry about that issue. But if they had a lightings strike when in trying to have a flight go up then the plane might act as a giant lighting rod and then things don’t turn out good what so ever. Two gentlemen form the university of Maryland and Mississippi have come up with a plan. That plan is to figure out how lighting works to the full and find out the beginning and the initiate of lighting. The two boys hope to find the whole life cycle of lighting and find out the real truth. They also have some rods and other things to start their project and the have sensors around place to capture some of the lightings cycle and they have four other types of sensors in a KSC facility that they are going to use to get all the data they can get. They soon hope to find enough data to figure out the behavior of the lighting. In one test that they did the sensors got overloaded by a unnoticed slip. They plan to go to a airport and set up some sensors to get some data there. Each receiver is a globe formed by two interesting copper loops. There is going to be a long process for this project they have started but in the end it will all pay off to fin the real truth behind this hole mystery.
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