Lighting Up the Kindle

Topics: E-book, Emotion, Purchasing Pages: 2 (301 words) Published: April 15, 2012
Case 1. Lighting Up Kindle

Answer for Q1:
Leverage Points of course
Because there are many people who like to read, moreover, the present advocates the environmental protection, the science and technology is also changes with each new day, therefore this product has quite many merits to be possible to pay attention for the consumer, and has the purchase desire.

Answer for Q2:
The commodity volume size, it has the competitive power, because the volume is equal to a book, may also hold many books, also has the wireless network, and it is portable to everywhere , these are this commodity merits.

Answer for Q3:
I think it is the Rational Appeals and the Emotional Appeals. Because this commodity's special characteristic is frivolous, it can hold firmly reaches more than 200 books. If people want to purchase this commodity the consumer will certainly have made the comparison beforehand, understood this commodity to its characteristic, discovered he will have many merits, will therefore be the suitable rational achievement purchase consideration.

certainly, the emotionalism consideration also contains, but somewhat, because of this commodity's price, getting high after all compared ,ccording to this book time price many, must pay many money beforehand, therefore the mood will also be one which factors about purchases.

Answer for Q4:
Kindle – ing
This is we discussed together when attending class, we preserved his name, in addition “ing” stressed that his function, is precisely may momentarily read, moreover the environmental protection, the fashion, the new tide, the capacity is big. Answer for Q5:

Two people walk on the street, one is taking a Kindle, the other is holding a big pile of book, symbolizes is bringing Kindle, likely brought a big pile of book along with, told the consumer with the striking contrast us the product the intense characteristic.
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