Lighting and Color, Apocalypse Now

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  • Published : April 14, 2013
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Throughout the duration of “Mr. Cleans Death,” warm and cool colors as well as low-key lighting were implemented at certain points to help the audience foreshadow future events and to portray how the soldiers felt. While traveling down the river, you see a shot of the boat passing by a bright red banner on the coast of the water letting you know that something violent or dangerous is going to happen. This is ironic to earlier in the scene when Lance was spraying the purple haze around the boat because it is said that surrounding yourself with purple will produce peace of mind and good judgment. These mixtures of colors in the scene that contradict each other, bolster the fact that while in war, it is not known what to expect. One minute everything could seem calm and peaceful, but the next minute you could be in the fight for your life. Life is taken for granted by people outside the war because for the most part, we can predict how a day is going to pan out for us and don’t have to constantly worry if we will make it through the night. Additionally, low-key lighting is used after Mr. Clean is shot to signify that something terrible has happened. The lighting was shadowy and dark and gave the audience the feeling that this death was tragic and showed how saddened Willard’s crew was. Death is a part of life, and everyone will experience someone who is close to them dying. The main difference is that when someone here dies, it is usually of natural causes and their body is made to look nice, while as in war, death is one of the most gruesome things a person could experience. There is no funeral, sometimes not even a body to bring back home, only death.
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