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19 November 2008

Partial Birth Abortion is Murder and Should be

Do you believe jamming scissors into a poor defenseless child’s skull is abortion, or is it murder? Do you believe that brutally killing a baby, although partially born, should be legal? The child is alive from the moment of conception, just as much as it is alive from the beginning of the partial birth abortion process. Many people believe partial birth abortion is acceptable, I believe differently; I believe partial birth abortion is a form of murder. Partial birth abortion is a process that allows a mother the choice of aborting her baby anywhere from the fifth month of pregnancy all the way to the ninth. The woman is dilated, and the fetus is turned in the uterus, so it can be delivered feet first. This is a very painful process for the mother and can last anywhere from three to five days. After the feet are delivered, the surgeon inserts a sharp object into the back of the baby’s skull. Through the hole, the surgeon inserts a vacuum that extracts the baby’s brains and causes the head to collapse allowing the dead baby to be easily delivered. This procedure kills an innocent living infant when he or she is almost fully delivered from their mother’s womb.

It’s a painful, brutal procedure for both the mother and the baby. The complications to a women during this procedure are life threatening. The uterus can be perforated causing hemorrhaging, amniotic fluid abolishment, and severe emotional problems.

There are many beliefs about partial birth abortion, though many are not true. One of them is that partial birth abortions are done to protect the life of the mother, or an infant that is mentally ill. This is false. There are approximately three to four thousand partial birth abortions done each year in the United States. That estimates to be about 10 a day. Eighty percent...
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