Light and Positively Charged Particle

Topics: Carbon dioxide, Light, Electric charge Pages: 2 (434 words) Published: January 6, 2013

1. A ringing bell, placed in a vacuum under a glass bell, jar will: D) Be Inaudible.
2. The light-year is used to measure: B) Distance.
3. If a piece of corundum weighs 4 ounces in the air abut appears to weigh only 3 ounces when submerged in water, its specific: D) 4. 4. Which kind of time does a sundial keep? C) Solar.
5. Of the following, the best conductor of heat is B) Copper. 6. Ecology can best be described as the study of: D) The relationship between the environment and living things. 7. When a candle burns, the most prevalent products are: D) Carbon dioxide and water. 8. Of the following the one that yields the most energy per ounce as a result of normal metabolism is: D) Fat. 9. The half-life of radium is 1,620 years. What fraction of a radium sample will remain after 3,240 years? C) ¼. 10. Which is a chemical property of water? D) It decomposes into gases. 11. Which of the following statements correctly refers to the process of photosynthesis? A) Light is necessary for the process to occur. 12. The relative humidity of the air when dew forms is: A) 100%. 13. To start a fire with the aid of the sun, one should use a: C) Magnifying lens. 14. The change from daylight to darkness is caused by the: C) Rotation of the earth. 15. A substance that is readily absorbed through the walls of the stomach is: B) Alcohol. 16. The positively charged particle in the nucleus of an atom is a(n): A) Proton. 17. Which one is most different from the other three? B) Moon. 18. Sulfur is mined chiefly for the production of: C) Sulfuric acid. 19. To which organism is the whale most closely related? D) Horse. 20. A beam of parallel rays of light is reflected from a plane (Flat) mirror. After reflection, the rays will be: D) Parallel. 21. How much voltage is needed to produce a current of 0.5 ampere in a circuit that has a resistance of 24 ohms? B) 12 volts. 22....
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