Light and Journal Entries

Topics: Light, Electromagnetic radiation, Sound Pages: 2 (395 words) Published: April 17, 2012
Journal Entry: Making Waves

For this assignment you will need a rubber tube, a spring, or a rope. Tie one end to a fixed support and move it up and down to produce a wave. What type of wave are you producing? Describe it in terms of its motion relative to the direction of energy transport and in terms of whether it is electromagnetic or mechanical.

Next, you will need a wide pan of water. Repeatedly dip your finger into the water to make a circular wave on the surface. What happens to the wavelength if you dip your finger more frequently? Describe what happens to wavelength as the frequency increases.

Do not submit this journal entry yet. You will submit all of your journal entries at the end of this unit. Date your entry and save your file.

Journal Entry: Making Waves

Astronomers have found that light waves coming from a given point on the Sun have a slightly higher frequency than light from a point on the opposite side of the sun. What do these measurements tell you about the Sun’s motions? Describe this phenomenon in terms of the concepts you have learned in this section. You may have to do some research.

Record your ideas in your journal. Do not submit your journal entry yet. You will submit all of the journal entries for this unit at the end of the unit. Date your entry and save your file.

Journal Entry: Sound

This is an exploratory activity. All you will need for this activity is a wooden 12-inch ruler. You can do this activity alone, but it may be easier with a helper.

Hold the ruler horizontally and 1 inch from your ear. It should be sticking out long-ways, 1 inch from your ear. Now scratch the far end of the ruler with your fingernail. Listen to the sound and note how loud it is. Then move the ruler 13 inches away from your ear and scratch the end closest to you. (This way both scratches will be the same distance from your ear both times.) Note the difference in your journal with a dated entry. Include an explanation of...
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