Lifestyle Diseases

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Kasia Fussey
October 17, 2010
Lifestyle Disease
A lifestyle disease is one where a person’s choice in how they live their life – what they eat, how they socialize, where they work, how they care of themselves – either causes or increases their chances of contracting. This makes them different from other diseases which are caused by things such as genetics (inherited from family background) or chance (like catching a cold from a friend).

Modern life increases the number of people with lifestyle diseases. An industrialized society means that people work more in factories, where there can be harmful chemicals. People have more free time, and they may make bad decisions in how they spend it by not exercising, taking drugs, or engaging in dangerous relationships. With food now being made and processed in factories, preservatives and chemical ingredients are used to keep things fresh longer. People also have more time engage in bad habits like smoking and overeating. This paper will look at a few common lifestyle diseases, how they are caused by people’s choices in how they live their life, and what can be done to help reduce their rate.

Type two diabetes is caused when people make too little insulin or the body does not use the insulin correctly. Glucose builds up in the blood stream for all types of diabetes. Type three diabetes can occur during pregnancies. Type two diabetes is mostly caused by obesity. People over 55 gain more weight in that stage of their life. Doctors say they should stay more in shape and exercise 30 minutes a day. It is important to keep your blood sugar controlled because when too much sugar stays in your blood for a long time, it can damage blood vessels and nerves. A lot of foods we eat turn into sugar. Insulin, a hormone that is produced by the pancreas, helps us get sugar into the body through blood.(Touchette 10)

Type twp diabetes is a lifestyle disease that we can prevent by not eating junk food when we need to eat quickly. Grab a fruit and move around for exercise. It is all our choices to make ourselves healthier but some of us choice not to. People can fight diabetes by eating less fatty food and foods that have a lot of sugar in them. Like for instance fast food places. A lot of people do not exercise because their too tired from a long day of work or just cannot get the urge to do it. Lung cancer is another lifestyle disease because the biggest cause is from smoking. People choose to smoke or can be exposed to second hand smoke from someone else. It is one of the biggest killing diseases in the world. Over the last several years, research has focused on the dangers of exposure to environmental tobacco smoke (ETS), also known as secondhand smoke, passive smoking, or involuntary smoking (i.e., breathing in the smoke from nearby smokers). It is estimated that approximately one-third of lung cancer in nonsmokers result from passive exposure to secondhand cigarette smoke. The reduced chemicals of side stream smoke from smoldering cigarettes and from the residues of mainstream smoke exhaled by active smokers. Research has shown that the smoke inhaled by nonsmokers is similar to that inhaled by smokers, except that it has: higher levels of some chemicals known as nitrosamines and smaller particle sizes, leading to easier deposition within the bronchial tree. Specifically, smaller, particles are more likely to reach and be held in the lungs, where they dissolve more readily than larger particles. Therefore, the pattern of deposition of smoke particles in the respiratory tract differs between active and passive smokers. About 100 chemicals have been identified in side stream smoke, although nearly 40 times that number has been detected in mainstream cigarette smoke. This difference occurs because of the extreme dilution of side stream smoke. Over 100,000 times more reduce chemicals than mainstream smoke, is less humid, and has very...
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