Lifespan Development Quiz

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  • Published: March 12, 2012
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things to do Reticular formation , a structure in the brain stem that maintains alertness and consciousness throughout childhood and into adolescence. corpus callosum is a large bundle of fibers connection the two cerebral hemispheres. socialdramatic play the make believe with others that is under way around age 2 and increases rapidly during the next few years display awareness that make belive is a representational activity. education principles from piaget 1 discovery learning 2 sensitivity to childrens readiness to learn 3 acceptance of individual (233)

emergent literacy = childrens active efforts to construct literacy knowledge through informal experiences adcademic programs teachers structure childrens learning teaching letter numbers colors through formallessons often using repetition and drill. fast-mapping = connect new words with their underlying concepts after only a brief encounters efforful control inhibitin gimpulses and shifting attention

| _____ involves adjusting the support offered during a teaching session to fit the child's current level of performance.| | scaffolding| 2.| ___________________, a broader concept than scaffolding, accounts for children's diverse ways of learning through involvement with others.| | ...| 3.| A child plays near other children with similar materials but does their behavior| | Parallel play| 4.| A more advanced type of interaction in which children orient toward a common goal| | Cooperative play| 5.| A process called ____ contributes to children's rapid vocabulary growth over the preschool years.| | fast mapping| 6.| A strong hand preference reflects the greater capacity of one side of the brain, or the _______ to carry out skilled motor action.| | dominant cerebral hemisphere| 7.| According to Erikson, what leads to a negative resolution of initiative versus guilt?| | According to...
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