Lifespan Development Portfolio

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fespan Development

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Lifespan Development
Lifespan Development Portfolio


 Introduction

 Interview I – Biological and Psysiological Development: Visual Impairment – Patrick Osgood

 Interview II – Development of Cognitive Process:
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder – Christopher Leslie
 Interview III – Development of Social-Emotional and Personality: Gay man or Lesbian Coming out Regarding His or Her Sexual Orientation – Mia Elazizi

 Interview IV – Developmental Competencies and Challenges for Late Adulthood:

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 Interview V – End of Life Issues – Mia Elazizi

 Conclusion

 References


The Meaning Behind Lifespan Development

 The term Lifespan Development includes all the development that occurs from birth throughout life. From birth of a person, to death of a person Lifespan development covers all the stages in between. These areas determine one’s developmental stages and changes. The three major parts of Lifespan development are Psychosocial Development, Biological Development, and Cognitive Development.

 Psychosocial Development – is an area that covers the development and any changes in one’s emotions, personality, and social interactions.

 Biological Development – is an area that covers the development of one’s body and the processes and any changes that may occur during the course of one’s life....
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