Lifespan Development

Topics: Attachment theory, Love, Triangular theory of love Pages: 3 (951 words) Published: March 11, 2013
DeErin Bunker
Writing Assignment #3
Socio-emotional development
Researching upon attachment types, I have come to find that as an infant, my mother’s parenting style turned out to be quite accurate. Looking into my past, I will touch on attachment types from when I was an infant to when I was an adult. I will share my personal experiences as well incorporate researchers theories on the attachment types. While explaining my personal experiences, I will also address the milestones and achievements through this process from my childhood to adulthood. Before I go into my personal experience, I am going to explain the two different attachment types to get a better understanding how I turned out the way I am today.

Attachment is an enduring emotional tie between two people. There is a difference between the emotional tie of infants and of adults. Infants tend to form an attachment to caregivers. Adult attachment is perceived on how adults think about attachment-related experiences. First, I will be further explaining infant attachment. There are two different theories tied to why infants become attached to caregivers. Psychoanalytic theory shows that the mom satisfies the infants “oral needs”, and that the first relationship is equal to the model for all other relationships. The second theory is behaviorism where the mom is the relief for hunger. There is also a positive association that leads to attachment. Moving onto the researchers for infant attachment, there are three different researchers studying the same thing. First we have the Harlow and Zimmerman Study. This was a question whether feeding is or is not the basis for attachment. After using a monkey with a cloth mom and a wire mom, they found out that feeding is not the basis for attachment. The researchers found out that if the monkey was hungry then it went to whoever had the milk, but when the monkey became stressed out or scared it always chose the cloth mother because of...
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