Lifelong Learning

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What is lifelong learning? Lifelong learning is not a new concept; it can be traced back to early in the 20th century. At this time it was considered to mean additional extras after formal education had ceased (King 1999).[1]

It assumed that most formal education would fulfil most of the individuals' requirements for working life. Now however, it is less common for individuals to continue in one working environment for the whole of their employment life. Instead they must expect to adapt and change to the fluid working environment present in society today. This means that education too must be ready to change and adapt their delivery to suit the market, for no matter what ideals we have about education being about enrichment it is also about fitting individuals for an employment market and universities must deliver employable graduates. More recently the 'master concept' of lifelong learning was adopted by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural organisation (UNESCO) in 1970 (Tight 1998). Although Governments are embracing the ideals of lifelong education there is a danger that its emphasis will be changed to work-life learning (Jarvis 1999).[2]

Lifelong learning has been broadly defined as including all aspects of learning experience throughout life, whether formal, informal or nonformal (Candy et al, 1994). Others have limited the definition of lifelong learning to include only those learning experiences that are intentional and goal-directed (Knapper & Cropley, 1991).[3]

From the evident above, we can assume the evident to clearly perceptible that definition of lifelong learning is the continuing development of knowledge and skills that people experience after formal education and throughout their lives.


Did the lifelong learning begins in school? I Disagree. Lifelong learning begins with parents. If parents spend time with their child and teach them to be curious and take the time to answer their...
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