Lifelong Learning

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Lifelong Learning UK is the Sector Skills Council responsible for the professional development of all those working in community learning and development; further education; higher education; libraries, archives and information services; and work-based learning. (Since January 2005, LLUK has taken over the work of three former national training organisations, FENTO, PAULO and isNTO, together with the NTO responsibilities of HESDA.) The role of Lifelong Learning UK (LLUK) is to increase the skills of all those who deliver learning in a post-school context throughout the United Kingdom with the ultimate aim to create an inclusive and prosperous UK. LLUK is a company limited by guarantee incorporated in June 2004 which became a charity on 28 February 2006. They established a strong network of constituency and country panels and a cadre of regional and national managers. They secured a very substantial programme of work over and above our core remit. The Chief Executive and his colleagues were increasingly active in the Skills for Business Network And set our hand to the challenging task of delivering a Sector Skills Agreement which will have need to respond to the skills needs of employers in all other sectors .

LLUK’s objects are to advance the education and training of all those working in the field of lifelong learning: 1.•thereby improving the educational standards of the workforce available to employers in the Sector; 2.•thereby advancing the education of those in lifelong learning; 3.•thereby improving the educational standards of the workforce available to employers in general; 4.•thereby generally promoting industry and commerce.

They are a very young organization with an exceptionally challenging mission: to ensure that lifelong learning employers can recruit, retain and develop highly skilled and effective staff, so that everyone in the UK can gain access to the skills and knowledge needed to build a prosperous and inclusive society.

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