Lifeline Essay

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  • Published : November 5, 2010
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I was coming home from a “Summer of a Lifetime” which was also known as Celebration Iowa, a travelling show choir and jazz band in the state of Iowa. It took all summer and caused me to realize I would be going home to live with my aunt and my uncle, and not have any mode of transportation but them. They both lead quite busy lives, my Aunt Kris, is a professor of Education at Central College in Pella, Iowa, and my Uncle Doug is the head band director at Oskaloosa High School. This means they were both gone a lot, for meetings, and faculty parties. Which would leave me at home with no car, or mooching off of friends for rides. I knew this would not work out, which is when I called my cousin and that’s when the relationship started.

“Hello” she said
“Oh Hey Janelle! I’m glad I got a hold of you, you know that Kris and Uncle Doug are both really busy with work and stuff, and I was wondering if you still had your Mitsubishi Eclipse.?” I had said, kind of nervous for the reaction

“Yes, we still do, in fact we were going to call you and see if you wanted to have it? We have fixed it up all summer, it has a new clutch, transmission, new tires, new battery, it runs really nice” Janelle had replied.

“I would absolutely love it! When do you think you could bring it up to Oskaloosa? or did you need us to come meet you somewhere?” I had replied with much excitement to be getting a car
“Oh we will bring it up on Sunday, and give it to you then” Janelle said.
“Thank you very much! See you on Sunday!” I had said with lots of enthusiasm and great cheer! I immediately called for my aunt and uncle.
“Kris! Uncle Doug! I have a car! You won’t have to drive me around all the time! I will be able to drive! They are bringing it up on Sunday!” I said with over excitement
“Well that’s good! I
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