Lifeguard: Drowning and Competitive Swim Coach

Topics: Drowning, Surf lifesaving, Guard Pages: 3 (1214 words) Published: April 13, 2011
My First Rescue

When I was young, there wasn't really much say in the fact that most of my childhood years would be already planned out. How I would be swimming from age 6, just as my brother before me, my mom before him, and my grandfather, being a competitive swim coach. What else was set up for me, was my life on the beach patrol.

Since my dad has sat more lifeguard towers then sand granules on the beach and my mom for five years, it was just about set in stone for my first job.
Everyone knew my name. I was "one of the Petersohns" or "the little Petersohn". So my first day of recruit class, for me, was a walk in the park. We did things that I've been doing for ever, swimming wise and beach wise. I shined among the other recruits, old or young. The one thing that was horrible about all this was that the instructors pushed me more than my fellow classmates.

During Training week, we completed book work half the day and physical exercises the other half. We learned different scenarios and how to deal with them, in which I was always given the harder ones to perform. The instructors frequently said that all of this training and book work does not help you be prepared for sitting tower. We learned about CPR and strokes, but not about adrenaline rushes and anxiety.

I thought I knew what I was getting myself into that first day of spring break. I thought I was well prepared when I passed I was put on a schedule to work. I thought it helped sitting double tower with an older, more experienced guard and learning tips. But I was wrong, completely and utterly wrong.

It was a nice day, for the most part. The wind was slightly blowing in off the ocean, giving the beach a cool air conditioned feeling. My dad gave me his truck for the first time, and after I promised to be careful, I drove to the lifeguard headquarters to check in for morning drill held before work. the supervisor assigned me a tower down in the Dunlawton area, or better known by the guards...
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