Lifeboy Handwash

Topics: Hygiene, Cleanliness, Economics Pages: 2 (590 words) Published: November 28, 2012
Executive Summary for Case Study on Lifebuoy Hand Wash

Customer Problem: To develop, grow and accelerate Lifebuoy Hw in Hand wash category within the constrain of limited support budget given the limited support budget relatively small size of current Hand wash business.

Task Summary: We surveyed 56 families’ i.e nearly 180 people, retailers, Hw sellers over a period of 20 days and based on our survey we did a detailed analysis of the data and came out with several findings & marketing strategies to overcome the current hurdles.

Challenges To Overcome:
• Consumer mindset, which believes soap is a more economical and viable option for hand wash. • Economical & wide reaching marketing strategies.
• Competition: Soaps, Sanitizers, other Hand wash brands like Dettol HW.

The Market: The market for this business is the universal population which believes in eating healthy and remaining clean. In order to tap this entire market an awareness needs to be generated amongst the masses that hand is the part of the body that comes in direct contact with dirt, other bacteria from air, water, earth and touches our skin, ears, eyes, nose, tongue. By keeping our hands clean we can keep away most of the illnesses. Hence cleaning of hands requires extra care & protection and not any ordinary soap.

Opportunity: By creating awareness about personal hygiene and extra care for hand wash, Lifebuoy can not only create a market but also penetrate this created market very aggressively.

Solution to the challenges:
Consumer Mindset can be tackled by generating awareness about the importance of hand wash via Lifebuoy and conveying, HW last long and is more effective whereas soaps in long run tend to decay, become pale and ineffective due to moist conditions under which it is kept. Hence Hw liquids are as economical as soaps and more effective for HW. Non-conventional & economical Marketing Strategies:

• Ads on the Lid of food containers served by...
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