Life Without You

Topics: 2008 singles, 2006 albums, 2007 singles Pages: 2 (321 words) Published: October 6, 2011
You’re the light of my dark life.
You’re always there for me;
You wipe my tears when I cry,
And you set my fears free.

When I’m with you I can never be sad,
Because you make me always smile.
I never get bored when I’m with you
I appreciate it, it’s true.

I am always happy when I’m with you.
I sometimes think that it’s a dream.
‘Cause with you I can live with no worries,
No problems and anxiety.

But now that you’re gone, I can never feel the same
My life is now on its darkest part.
I always cry, I’m filled with shame,
Still wondering why we set apart.

You left me without telling me any reason,
That’s why my life became miserable.
I can’t sleep because of what you had done.
I felt so damn! Just like a disabled.

Each day and night I think of you,
I can’t do anything, can’t help but cry.
I never thought that you can leave me
But you did it! And you hurt me badly!

At first, I cannot think how my life will be without you
Until finally, you let me feel how hard it is, it’s true.
My heart keeps on bleeding because of you.
I love you, but you never loved me as I do.

I think now, this is the right time to give up
The right time for me to set you free from my heart.
“MOVING ON” is the best way to forget you…
I know that it’s hard but it’s the best thing to do.

Look at me now, better than yesterday
For me, you’re now just a part of my broken past
I think, our memories must be thrown like a trash.
Thank you for hurting me, I’m now strong at last.
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