Life Without Television

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  • Published : May 28, 2013
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Life without Television
When my family’s only television set went to the repair shop the other day, my parents, my sister, and I thought we would have a terrible week. How could we get through the long evenings in such a quiet house? What would it be like without all the shows to keep us company? We soon realized, though, that living without television for a while was a stroke of good fortune =. It became easy for each of us to enjoy some activities alone, to complete some postponed chores, and to spend rewarding time with each other and friends.

First of all, with no television to compete for our time, my family and I found plenty of hours for personal interest. My mom read novels and read at whatever time she wanted, meanwhile when novels come out in television there was a specific time she had to watch it at and stop what she was doing. My dad read newspaper early in the morning rather than waiting for the news to come out at night. My brother read comic books and found them to be more stimulating than his cartoons. My sister and I read the Twilight Saga books and were able to use our imagination with more details than the book. We also enjoyed some hobbies for example my mom got to interact with her childhood friends going to the fitness room and drinking coffee with them. My dad played soccer with his friends and got to exercise and interact with new people. My sister went back to her dance classes. And I decided to join a volleyball team since I have always enjoy watching volleyball and I got to have the opportunity to be the one playing. In addition, my sister stopped procrastinating with her calculus homework and I with my political science, ESL 34X, reading, and computer homework. In addition my little brother got a letter from his teacher congratulating him for doing his homework every day.

Second, we did chores that had been hanging over our head for too long for example clean the windows, we vacuum, and did the laundry. Also, some jobs around...
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