Life Without Television

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For this assignment you are supposed to add details that explain the major points given in each paragraph of the essay. These details should 1.clearly support the major point with specific information and expressed in complete, grammatical sentences - not phrases.

Life Without Television

When my family’s only television set went to the repair shop a few days ago, my parents, sister, and I thought we would have a terrible week. How would we ever get through the long, quiet evenings? What would life be like without all the shows to keep us company? However, we soon realized that living without television for a while was a stroke of good fortune. We found that we were able to enjoy some activities alone, to complete some postponed chores, and to spend rewarding time with each other and friends.


TOPIC SENTENCE: First of all, with no television to compete for our time, we found plenty of hours for personal interests. Major Point #1: We all read more that week than we had read during the six months before. Specific detail(s):

Major Point #2: We each also enjoyed some hobbies we had ignored for ages. Specific detail(s):

Major point #3: In addition, my sister and I decided that it was time to get physically fit and get more exercise. Specific detail(s):


TOPIC SENTENCE: Second, we did some work and chores that had been hanging over our heads for too long. Major Point #1: There were many jobs around the house that needed attention for some time. Specific detail(s):

Major Point #2: I stopped procrastinating and got started on some of my assignments and projects that were due at the end of the semester. Specific detail(s):

Major Point #3: Also, each of us also did some letter writing or other paperwork that was long overdue. Specific detail(s):

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