Life Without Mathematics

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Life Without Mathematics

By | June 2011
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Bharatanatyam, one of eight designated classical dance forms of India India's languages, religions, dance, music, architecture, food and customs differ from place to place within the country, but nevertheless possess a commonality. The culture of India is an amalgamation of these diverse sub-cultures spread all over the Indian subcontinent and traditions that are several millennia old.[1] Regarded by some historians as the "oldest living civilization of Earth", the Indian tradition dates back to 8000 BC[2] and has a continuous recorded history since the time of the Vedas for over 5,500 years.[3] Several elements of India's diverse culture — such as Indian religions, yoga and Indian cuisine — have had a profound impact across the world.

|Contents |
|1 Religions and spirituality |
|1.1 Family |
|1.2 Marriage |
|1.3 Namaste |
|1.4 Festivals |
|1.5 Names and language |
|1.6 Animals |
|2 Cuisine |
|3 Clothing |
|4 Languages and literature |
|4.1 History |
|4.2 Epics |
|5 Performing arts |
|5.1 Dance |
|5.2 Drama and theatre |
|5.3 Music |
|6 Visual arts |
|6.1 Painting |

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