Life Without God the Creator Is Meaningless

Topics: Solomon, Book of Proverbs, Bible Pages: 2 (523 words) Published: August 20, 2012
Reading the book of Ecclesiastes one may think the author is one of those who teaches against riches, saying that they are not associated with Godliness. However he is the same teacher who authored the book of Proverbs in which he is teaching us to work hard to avoid poverty(proverbs10v4). In the book of Ecclesiastes 2v18-23 he questions the value of all this hard labour since we will not take any wealth when we die.

Does the teacher contradict himself or there is something he wants us to learn from his experiences? please stay with me and read on God will reveal to you even more secrets.

King solomon was very rich and famours but ended up being disappointed because he did not find peace in any of his riches. He started writing this book of Ecclesiastes saying; everything is meaningless and completely meaningless. If you go through what this king had acquired you may agree that if he did not enjoy life after having all those things, then life is indeed is meaningless. This king had built huge homes, planted vineyards and animal parks(Wild animal parks), he had herds and flocks, slaves, gold and silver, women of all kinds, even personal singers for himself just to mention a few. This king did not have all the peace as he expected because he tried to do it without God, he stopped trusting God and thought that many women or riches will make him happy.

He became frustrated and saw no difference between the poor and the rich and more over both of them die, their fate is the same he said. He argues therefore that, what is the point of acquiring much wealth yet you will leave them behind when you die. In other ways he is saying being rich without God is as the same as being poor, and if i may add this poor may be better off if he knows God because at the end of life there will be a scenario of Lazarus and the rich man. The teacher has also made other comparisons like the wise and the fool, the wicked and the honest and sees no distinction in them if both does...
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