Life Without Friction

Topics: Friction, Force, Classical mechanics Pages: 2 (520 words) Published: April 9, 2012
Life Without Friction
By: Anthony Cacciato

Life without friction would be dangerous. There would be things flying all around and no one would be safe from an airborne bicycle. You would not even be able to stand on your feet. You would not be able to eat or drink. Life with no friction would be deadly. Nothing would be able to sustain life without friction. We would all die if out of the blue friction went away. There are four kinds of friction and they all help us go throughout our daily lives; Sliding, Rolling, Static, and Fluid.

Sliding friction is what slows things that are sliding across any surface. Without sliding friction if you slid something it would turn into a lethal projectile with nothing to slow it down. You would not be able to butter your toast because when you would slide the butter around the toast, the butter would just slip right off. You would not be able to walk down a flight of stairs with a handrail. Because your hand would slip right off and you would fall down the stairs. While you are falling down the stairs since there is not sliding friction you would not be able to get up because there is nothing to slow you down from sliding all over the place which could be very dangerous. Say good bye to sledding because that would be like suicide in a world with no friction since you would never be able to stop. I would not want to live in a world no sliding friction.

Rolling friction is what slows things that are rolling across any surface. Without rolling friction if you were riding a bicycle, tricycle, or any motor vehicle you would be putting you and everyone else in danger because brakes would not work and nothing would be able to stop you. If you dropped your pen or pencil you can say adios because without rolling friction your pen or pencil will roll on forever. If you walked outside you would just see random out of control wheels roaming about because there is no friction to slow down or stop said wheels. Without rolling...
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