Life Without Electricity

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Life without electricity
Imagine life without electricity, not just a brief power outage. We all know how inconvenient life becomes when our electricity is out for only a few hours. How hard it is to remember for that short period of time that the light switch will not produce instant light, the hair dryer will not immediately blow dry our hair, or that we can't even run water into our homes. Our homes and lives have become so dependent on electricity it is really hard to imagine everything that would change without it.

You walk into your house today, flick a switch, and you expect a light to come on. You press a button on the remote control and you expect the TV to come on. There are many things you depend on electricity to do each day, from running your well pump if you live in the country to washing and drying your cloths. So, how did people get by before they got electricity? If you wanted a light you would get a match, go over to the kerosene lamp, lift the globe off, strike the match, light the wick, put the globe back on and adjust the flame for the best light. There was a little knob on the side of the lamp that you could use to raise or lower the wick to adjust the amount of light the lamp put out. After several days of use the wick would get crusted over and would not burn very well.
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