Life Without Electricity

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Created on Wednesday, 10 November 2010 19:31
Sharyn Byers|
Growing up in the 2000s must be so much different than anyone could have ever expected. |
With everyone having the newest cell phones, gadgets and shortcuts to help them better their everyday lives, it provokes the question, “What did we do before we became so reliant on technology?” Part of growing up is learning how to think for yourself and getting through certain situations on your own, but with programs or apps that do it for them, how will individuals ever learn through experience? I heard my younger cousin ask my grandparents over fall break what “rewinding videos” meant. I literally laughed out loud, but then realized how much older that made me feel. These little instances remind me how advanced this world is getting. While watching television the other night, I came across “Back to the Future.” The entire series was airing, and I had never seen it. I was so interested in seeing how the future was portrayed in movies from the past and just what they thought might happen. Well, hovercrafts have not been invented yet and our clothes do not dry themselves, but what I believe has happened has been less convenient and more harmful to our everyday lives. Sure, it might be convenient when we are shopping to use our song identifier to find out the name of that new song, but when we can use our cell phones to track other people on Facebook, one has to think, where is the line drawn and how is this going to affect future generations? This is turning our basic knowledge upside down, and I believe children who grow up in this technological society are going to be at a strong disadvantage to those that have not. I am by no means against the furthering of technology when it benefits our society positively. Our new and innovative technology is also taking the personality of simple things in life, such as sitting down to read a book. I am a firm believer that storing an entire library on one’s...
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