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  • Published : April 11, 2013
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Domestic consumer predisposition
According to Nazlida Muhamad and Razli Che (2004) Malaysian have a high level of consumer ethnocentrism, but the level to which they are very ethnocentric is not a measurement to conclude that all Malaysian prefer domestic rather than foreign products. For instance, many foreign products are imported by ASEAN Free Trade for the Malaysian consumers with more affordable deals which it shows that the Malaysians are very open to the foreign products. Consumer ethnocentrism is a marketing method that determines consumers’ predisposition against imports. Most of high consumer ethnocentrism overestimate domestic products and underestimate imports. Based on a research was conducted by Neoh et al. (2007), consumer ethnocentrism of Malaysians has a significant relationship to purchasing preferences and domestic products’ evaluations. Andrew (2011) has stated that consumer ethnocentrism has no significant relationship with demographic variable of age, gender, income and education. As a country that shows high ethnocentric towards the local products, marketers should consider these facts in formulizing their marketing activities such as product positioning, market development and segmentation.

Since the campaign’s target market is the 18-29 age segment, thus, to make appropriate communication between marketers and the target segment, marketers must insert Australian influences an appropriate, but not overwhelming amount of ethnocentric symbols to cater to the target market. These influences can be such as national symbols or other national identity.

Foreign consumer predisposition
Foreign consumer predisposition has a link between feelings of consumers with products of foreign countries (Klein, Ettenson & Morris 1998). In this section, this report will focus on consumer animosity or unwillingness to buy products of foreign countries because consumer animosity is crucial in determining the success or failure of the...
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