Life Was Better When Technology Was Simpler

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  • Published : May 10, 2011
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Our technology is developing by leaps and bounds, which constantly afford us tremendous assistance, but in terms of simplifying people lives, we should not neglect its adverse effects. Modern technology complicates our lives rather than simplifies them.

The constant development of technology brings about/generates new and increasingly complicated knowledge, which we must understood or even mastered as it's people's survivable necessity. People truly have to learn more techniques than ever before. In other words, people must devote far more time and greater efforts to learning and studying. In contrast, people could enjoy much more LEISURE time in the past. Granted, we need not learn all of the knowledge, but as an indispensable technique of subsistence, people must gain more than previous people.

Also, as a consequence of the state-of-the-art technology, our society and natural environment is becoming more and more intricate or hazardous. Nowadays, various crises ceaselessly spring UP, partly because of modern technology. From energy crisis to global warming, the unpredictable disadvantages of contemporary technology have irreversibly changed/altered our simple lives. Now, people are being afflicted by these formidable crises and are struggling with them.

Apart from these objective factors, people are suffering giant/huge/colossal mental and psychological strains, which are also caused by current technology. The technology accelerates the rhythm of life. To catch up with high-speed development, a growing number of people spend much more time on working, instead of relaxation, family partying and other good things. Gradually, these people lose the CONNECTION TO their family, NEGLECT TO TAKE sufficient exercise, and so on. Finally, people tend to become more anxious and have no the sense of belonging and security. Numerous reports and investigations which have revealed/exposed the radical reasons of modern mental diseases have proved this point....
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