Life Under Stalin

Topics: Soviet Union, Joseph Stalin, Premier of the Soviet Union Pages: 2 (617 words) Published: January 11, 2013
“Death solves all problems - no man, no problem.”
- Joseph Stalin

It was everything. Stalin stole everything from their lives. Their homes, their education, their culture, their rights, even their beliefs. I’ve seen the victims surrender to him and I want the world to know about all he’s taking from them. I’ve seen the victims cry for help and I wish to let the world know about who he’s taking those from. I’ve seen the victims lose their last piece of hope and I hope to tell everyone about how terrible the damages are. Looking at the millions he had wronged, I am just a speck. But this speck has the ability to reveal him and ask for millions of help. I am a writer, I am a child from that time, and I am one of them.

What the Soviet government would like people to believe is that life under them is perfect. They say that the way of living they provide is the most ideal one where they provide good quality healthcare, housing, education and work; where they pay attention to the people’s rights, and to their religion and beliefs. The government believes that their plans are the best for the country. They say that their free healthcare and hospitals is the top of the line with a lot of good doctors and nurses, they say that they provide clean modernized housing where homeless people are being transferred to, they say that they provide good education for everyone because it is important to them that everyone is being taught well, they say that their agrarian workers are taken cared of because they get a share of the land they’re working on. And most of all, they make the people believe that these things are true. II

What I learned from my experiences is the truth. The truth is the opposite of whatever the Soviet Government is trying to make the people believe. Russian hospitals were unsanitary and unsafe for the patients and the government provided one doctor for every 5,000 square kilometers in certain regions. There was a serious housing shortage that some...
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