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Life Throws You Curves

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Life Throws You Curves

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  • April 2011
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Life Throws You Curves
You never know what life will throw at you. There are many things in life that just leave you confused and just wondering “why.” There events in your life that at the time you can’t imagine why it happened but they end up turning into something good.

I have been with my boyfriend for 4 years now. I have gotten to know his family very well. His mom, Lisa, and her dad (my boyfriend’s grandpa, Grandpa Dusty) are very close. His grandma died when she was very young and that left his grandpa to raise my boyfriend’s mom and her two brothers and her sister by himself. His grandpa is 87 years old now. When I first met Grandpa Dusty he was a very active, fun, loving man. He has two horses that he keeps at my boyfriend’s house. These horses are everything to him. Lisa and Grandpa Dusty love these horses. They would ride them together up and down the road. He went to their house everyday and fed the horses, brushed them, and sometimes let them out to eat some fresh grass from the yard. About 2 years ago Grandpa Dusty stubbed his toe, nobody knew at the time that this little incident was going to turn Grandpa Dusty’s life upside down. He went to the doctor for his toe because it was bleeding badly and he was in a lot of pain. The doctor took care of his toe, gave him some medicine and sent him home. A couple weeks later Grandpa Dusty said that his toe was still hurting and turning really red. He went back to the doctor and they told him his toe was infected. He took some medicine for the infection trying to heal it but it wouldn’t go away. After a few weeks of antibiotics the doctors decided that the infection wasn’t going to go away, He was diabetic so this is what was causing the infection to spread and not go away. They all decided that they were going to have to remove his toe in order to prevent the infection from spreading. They amputated all of his toes leaving about half of his foot there. He was in the hospital for awhile then got released...

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