Life Support

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  • Published : October 17, 2012
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Hello, everybody. Today, I'll talk about dying people and life support. Dying means death. A dead person, who has brain death, you think do they need a life support? Should they be kept on life support or not? Most of states in the U.S. have a law that those people, when they are 65 or more go to the doctor, they have signed a documentation that tells what they want when they are in the dying situation. But if they suddenly get an accident, they will never wake up and they also haven't signed a documentation so their family must choose to put them on life support or not. I know it is really hard to give out a decision to withhold or withdraw the life support machine on a patient. But when I think deeply and thoughtfully, I think and believe that they should not be kept on life support if they are very sick and nothing can be done. I believe that from different reasons. The first reason that when I prepared and searched some article for my speech and I read an article of a man, he has a grandfather, who had been kept on life support 12 more days. At the last when his grandpa was gone within 10 minutes of shutting off the machines, he and his family were all thankful that his grandpa didn't have to suffer long. So people, who have an ill disease such as cancer, do not want to be put on life support or just for a while because they suffer enough and they do not want to suffer anymore. During the time on life support, the patients have to cope with their death and by that way, it just make they have more suffer and painful. Second and Third, dying people have no feeling and they are going to die as soon as the family make a decision to take them off life support anyway. When a person who has brain death so they should not be kept on life support, just only one thing make they should be kept on life support when they choose to be an organ donor. But they should not be put on life support for a long period of time because that just taking space of...
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