Life Styles Inventory

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  • Published : April 15, 2011
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Life Styles Inventory|
GM591 Leadership & Organizational Behavior


Hello, my name is L. Neal. I was very eager to complete my LSI Survey because I was very curious what my results would be. I know how I am as an individual, and seeing the results of my survey only proves that you learn something about yourself every day. My results were quite interesting to say the least. Learning the meanings of the different life styles showed me that I have more characteristics in areas I never thought of. I hope you enjoy reading about me as much as I enjoyed learning about myself. Humanistic is when you are thoughtful, supportive of others and respectful. This was my highest score out of all the lifestyles. I know this is true because I believe in what’s best for a person. I always treat people fair and with respect. If you want people to respect you, you have to respect others. According to the LSI, I have a high level of satisfaction when it comes to working with people, building relationships and accomplishing task. I agree with this outcome because I do like a challenge and its self gratifying when I can complete such task. People always ask for my advice for certain things and I’m always willing to teach whatever is asked of me. I’m a people person and I’m very approachable. In giving people that extra push for improvement, I feel it makes me a better person and unselfish. I would always receive compliments from the staff on my management style and how I do things so unconditional. Affiliative is when a person is cooperative, friendly and sincere. This area deals with people and relationship building as well. In my current and past positions, I worked with staff on all levels. I have always made it a point to get along with everyone. I scored in the medium range in this area. This proves that I can be an effective leader without worrying if I’m pleasing that person. My main concern is to make sure the individual is receiving the support they need. I’ve never been insubordinate with senior management, and I was always highly respect by the staff I managed. Approval is the need to be liked by everyone, being friendly all the time and is always in agreement. I scored low in this area, meaning I don’t need approval to justify anything that I do. I can speak my mind and feel confident with decisions that I make. If I am lead in such a way that I need guidance, I know how to accept it and move forward. In my management position, I lead the team with confidence and was always ready to tackle new issues and ideas. I worked side by side with senior management with no problem. I lead several large projects where senior management was satisfied with the end results. This was possible because I was proactive and didn’t have to wait for someone to tell me what to do. A person who needs constant approval will never advance personally because if you can’t reassurance yourself, the approval you think you’re receiving is never beneficial. Conventional is to conform or settle and agree with most things. This was my second highest lifestyle. My score was in the middle, meaning I have a moderate expectation of achieving goals. Sometimes I can have a nonchalant attitude and this could be why I didn’t score high or low. Don’t get me wrong, I like to set high goals and reach them, but as long as everyone is happy and getting what they need, I can live with that. This would be an area where I can make changes to become a more aggressive leader. Not to the point where I’m not being productive, but to obtain better skills to handle more complex risk. A dependent person is one who depends on others, is predictable and seeks help from others. My score is in the medium range, meaning I can hold my own. At some point in time, we all have to depend on someone or something. I just don’t make it a point to be too dependent where...
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