Life Styles Inventory

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  • Published : September 16, 2010
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My LSI Styles Complex

My “primary” personal thinking style as shown in my circumplex is The Humanistic-Encouraging Style. This style means that I am “accepting of myself, and accept others for who they are without question or criticism” (Human 2010). Humanistic-Encouraging individuals believe they can “assist others in fulfilling their potential by providing a supportive climate that inspires self-improvement” (Human 2010). I believe that this very accurate summation of myself. This can easily be seen at my previous job as a waiter. I was often asked to train new employees because I was considered sensitive to people's needs, and was willing to devote energy to counseling and coaching others. I also consider this style accurate about my myself because during my time as a Kohls retail shift manager, I tried to inspire my coworkers to think, grow and take responsibility for themselves by demonstrating belief in what my coworkers could accomplish. I always tried to believe when a subordinate told me that they could accomplish setting up a display in a certain amount of hours. My “backup” personal thinking style is The Competitive Style. I believe my backup style of being competitive is what pushes me to be all I can be.   Competition is my motivation to succeed.   I think I have developed this style by the environment I grew up in.   As a child, my friends and I had races to see who could run the fastest, hop scotch competitions, and contests for the best cheerleading routines.   Sports also played a major part in my competitiveness.   I was motivated to do my very best in everything I did and winning a game always got you a trophy and/or a pizza party afterwards.   In the workforce, competition is also used.   At my previous job, prizes were given for the individual that took the most phone calls, received the lowest average handle time, etc.   The benefits of my healthy competition in the workplace help me produce greater results and better quality of work. I...
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