Life Styles Inventory

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Part I
Personal Thinking Styles
Looking at my LSI Styles Circumplex, I have the following as my “primary” (highest percentile score) and “backup” (second highest percentile score) personal thinking styles (PTS). Primary: Oppositional (7 o’clock position)

Backup:Perfectionistic (10 o’clock position)
I have identified the above primary and backup PTSs for purposes of this exercise but for a more thorough look and so that I can draw a deeper insight on my behavior, I came up with a more expanded look at these PTSs. I have tabulated these below with the corresponding raw scores. Personal thinking styles| Raw score| Percentile score|

Primary – Oppositional| 33| 99|
Power| 26| 99|
Competitive| 26| 99|
Backup – Perfectionistic | 33| 98|
Dependent| 31| 98|
My circumplex shows approximately equal (long) extensions along more than two defensive styles. All four of the defensive styles are actually shown in the table above, and I see that these had, and will have, an impact on my effectiveness as a manager unless I do something about them. My Primary Thinking Style

I tend to question a lot but I don’t think I do it to “verbally assault” people. I would like to think that my questioning nature is part of my being meticulous and detail-oriented – my Perfectionistic style somehow comes into play here. I remember in my stint as Development and Alumni Affairs Officer in the university I worked for – I was able to link up with an outfit that allowed university students to work in Singapore for their internship. Before signing the contract, I meticulously took up the provisions to the finest detail with the company representative. They said I was the most detailed school representative that they have met. I might have made them feel uncomfortable with the attention that I paid to the finest details but I must also say that I had to ensure the students’ safety while in Singapore because I thought that if anything goes wrong, I will be answerable to my bosses at the university and the students’ parents as well.

The same is true in my personal life. I had trouble getting in relationships as I had that thinking that “no one was good enough.” Thank God, I found my husband who is extra tolerant of my quirks and idiosyncrasies. But I cannot rest on that laurel as people have their breaking point and, more importantly, I have to change what I have to change.

That assistant who was very bad at meeting deadlines must have had a great amount of trouble working with me. Bad as I have already been at delegating, his procrastination justified my micro-management. I was almost breathing down on his neck; I saw myself so full of skepticism, sarcasm, and condescension. Had I loosened my grip on him, I could have let out more of his “creative juices” flowing. He had the technical skills needed to come up with an excellent design and layout of my office’s newsletter, but I became oblivious to that fact and became so focused on his flaws instead. True, as I don’t have a strong Humanistic-Encouraging score (low-medium at that), I was constantly questioning him and was so critical of him. Very task-oriented indeed, I was! My Backup Thinking Style

I recall that I have always taken pride in aiming for perfection even as a child. I wanted a perfect mother, and a perfect father. I got upset when I would get home from school with a stain on my uniform. Everything in my school bag – books, notebooks, crayons and pens – had to be in a particular order. I always wanted to perform – make it to the Honor Roll so I can go up the stage and have either one or both of my parents pin that Honor Student’s pin on me. Fast-forward to the workplace – I was always driven to make money more than my classmates did, I aimed for promotions, I wanted all sorts of recognition. I always set goals in every life area before the old year turns to new, and make sure that I...
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