Life Style Inventory Paper

Topics: Culture Pages: 2 (528 words) Published: February 6, 2011
Life Style Inventory paper
According to my Circumplex output, my dominant personal style would be aggressive oppositional. Indeed, I tend to prioritize security over anything.  I tend to think a lot before making any kind of decision.  I think I have a logic mind and I am hard on myself when I make a mistake.  I don’t think I blame others for my own mistakes but I am certain that I have a critical mind which is not necessarily self promoting. My high constructive self actualizing score is completely understandable.  It is true that I have a lot of ambition and enjoy discovering and learning new things. I love to travel and meet different people with different cultures. The third highest score is the constructive self Actualizing style. It is true that I am shy and don’t like to have people’s attention. I am very nervous every time I meet a new group of people.  I am a team worker and I like to have security in my life but that does not mean I am reticent to change.  I am not necessarily an adept of status quo.   I have a very low score in constructive humanistic encouraging. I don’t understand this score because that means I cannot be a good coach and develop healthy relationships with people. I don’t agree with this score because I don’t see myself as a person difficult to be around. The low score in aggressive power tells me that I am not a dictator and I am happy about that. Trying to run people in forceful ways is a recipe for disaster in some jobs. b)

These styles were developed over time through my origins, culture, family, environment . I was born and raised in an environment where some values such as respect, forgiveness, humility are highly important. Dictatorship and arrogance are major vices. In my culture, the character of a person is more valued than his achievements. My educational background has also a lot to do with my tendency to be logical and careful and not making quick conclusions. I grew up in a family in which education...
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