Life Style Inventory

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  • Published : September 28, 2011
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GM591 – Leadership and Organizational Behavior

LSI – Life Styles Inventory

Psychologically, I knew I had some dysfunctional attributes in how I think and the influences it has on my behavior. Having taken the Life Styles Inventory, and the results extracted, indicated a fair representation of my profile. Looking at the circumplex and gaining insight into the characteristics of my personalized results, have prompted a self-reflection on my life and the opportunity to strengthen the positive behaviors and improve the negative ones. According to the results, my primary and backup styles are affiliative and dependent, both with an equal percentile score of 90. Closely behind was my competitive, in the aggressive/defensive style category. My affiliative thinking style, as described by the circumplex, reflects self-enhancing thinking and behavior in sharing with others for developing and sustaining a pleasant relationship. It is also a part of my constructive style in leading others to feel satisfied with their association with me. In many of my conversations, I feel the need to be tactful with my affiliation with others. The need to be respectful to friends, family, and leaders in the workplace stems from being tactful. Even though being respectful is a great quality to have, it can also be a hindrance. For example, sometimes I am in situations where I must say what is expected rather than what I feel is the best way. This is a tactical approach for calming a situation and being somewhat compliant. I am working very hard to change this behavior without being overly aggressive. This style is paramount to me and, as a result, I always have a healthy and long-term relationship with others, especially at school, in the workplace, and my personal life. Most importantly, I always think of a bi-partisan approach when confronting everyday problems at home and in working efficiently with others. Next is my dependent style, which falls in the passive/defensive style...
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