Life Struggles to Success and Accomplishment

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Life’s Struggles Leading to Success and Accomplishment!

On August 22,1995 the sun rose high in the sky…as if it knew it was a special day and it was. Ragine Latifah Williams was born. Weighting in at 10lbs. I had a very difficult time entering the birth canal. I popped out. All that struggling wore me out I was rushed to the NICU (Neonatal Intense Unit) and put under this big bubble, which helped me to breathe. The nurse had a lot of tubes and wires on me because I stopped breathing and was running a high fever. I stayed in the hospital for 1 month fighting for my life. After much prayer and medication I was strong enough to go home. My mom gave me a bath and combed my hair which I didn’t like. As we were leaving, the Dr. told my parents to watch for seizure activities and my slight temperature rises to get to the hospital. But I never had to go back. I grew up spoiled by everyone because everyone was afraid I would get sick and die.

I went to day care and was always into things so I earned the name Curious George. I remember one morning mom was running late for work dressed me well, thought she put everything on but I peed on the floor of the day care. My teacher discovered my mom forgot to put a diaper on me.

I enjoyed the act of driving at an early age, my dad would let me sit on his lap and let me steer the car. I had a power wheel I would always go further than I was suppose to. Then one afternoon mom was putting me in the car while she was fasting my sister’s seat-belt I got under the wheel…she left the car running I knocked the car out of gear and drove the car in the doors of day car.

Well after all this fun and excitement I slowed down and started being a normal kid. Riding my bike is like the best thing OH YEA!!!! I got a story of riding my bike, down hills going really fast. I hit a pile of rocks and skid, lost control of my bike flipped over and rolled down an embankment. Boy, I was full of road rash! I don’t drive crazy any more but...
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