Life Span Perspective Paper

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  • Published : April 2, 2012
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Life Span Perspective Paper
[ March 12, 2012 ]
Deborah Wilkerson

Life Span Perspective Paper
The definition of a person’s lifespan is from the moment that they are conceived to the moment that they pass away. The development of this life is defined through the various stages in which that person develops. When a person is looking at the perspective of this lifespan development, they are trying to understand what changes during the development and why it happens. There have been many psychologists that have looked at this and developed many different theories about development, and you can see that there are many influences that help push these theories into reality. Definition of Lifespan Development

A person and their lifespan start out when they are conceived and then grow and develop for nine months in the womb. During this time that person will develop into either a male or a female. Once they are born they will continue to experience changes and different developments while they age. There are different stages in their life that will show different changes within them. The study of how we understand how humans change over a lifetime is called the study of human development, (Berger, 2008). When looking at the development of a person, you can make a pattern out of it from one person to another, but there are cases that the development does not follow a set path. The most common stages of development are birth, infancy, adolescence, adult, elderly, (old age), and death. Lifespan Perspective

Lifespan perspective has three different domains in looking at the development of a person. These domains are physical, cognitive, and social domains. Physical domain is looking into the aging and growth of the physical being, (Sigelman & Rider, 2009). The cognitive domain looks into the mind and examines memory, language, perception, and problem solving. The last domain looks at the person’s personality, emotions, and...
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