Life Span Perspective Paper

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  • Published : December 17, 2012
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Life Span Perspective Paper
Charles R. Harmon Jr.
PSY 375
November 26, 2012
Melissa Fagan

Life Span Perspective Paper
This is an informative paper to illustrate what I have learned thus far about human development. Throughout the course of this paper I shall explain the life span perspective of human development, summarize two theories of life-span development, and explain how nature and nurture account for difference in individual development. The Life Span Perspective

The life-span perspective is an approach used by scientists to study human development. These individuals are considered scientists as they attempt to explain how and why people change over time. The science of human development takes into account people from everywhere and every age with consideration of their entire life-span thus far experienced, not just where they may currently be. In respect to that, their potential growth and development is considered to be multidirectional, multicontextual, multicultural, multidisciplinary, and plastic. Collectively these five terms make up the life-span perspective.

Each term of the life-span perspective brings different meaning to the evaluation of an individual’s life. The first term multidirectional is an evaluation of an individual’s advancement, stagnation, and decline throughout their life time. Their life could be linear with several advancements following one another, or it could be declining as they regress from previously attained advancements. The second term multicontextual is an understanding that all life develops in different surroundings, and that no two individuals have had the exact same ecological (nurturing) system. The third term multicultural is a term of awareness that not all life is molded from the same culture. Different cultures practice different beliefs, morals, and values which improve or diminish their unique quality of life and developmental ability. The fourth term multidisciplinary represents the realization...
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