Life Span Development Paper

Topics: Jean Piaget, Developmental psychology, Psychology Pages: 2 (633 words) Published: November 28, 2011
Brittany Lastrapes
Life Span Development and Personality Paper
September 25, 2011

Jean Piaget was born in Neuchatel, Switzerland on August 9, 1896. He was an influential experimenter and theorist in the field of developmental psychology and in the study of human intelligence (Evans 1973). Piaget learned a lot from his parents and most of his own life experiences influenced his studies of psychology. His father taught him the value of systematic work. His mother's neurotic temperament mental health was very hard on his family. Piaget started working and studying at such a young age. His first paper was published at age eleven. He became very interested in psychoanalysis and pathological psychology. He received his Ph. D at age twenty two from the university of Neuchatel.

I think his interest came from the emotional things he dealt with his mother and her condition. Piaget studied most of his theories with children of various ages. He felt a child's cognitive development had several factors. He came up with a theory that the cognitive development had four stages.

The first stage is sensorimotor which involves children from birth to two years old. This stage shows how these children at this age have reflex base and coordinate reflexes. This means that their cognitive system is limited to the motor reflexes. Later these build on those reflexes to develop more sophisticated by physical experiences and interaction. The next stage is the Pre operational period, which is from age two years to about the age of six or seven years old. This is when a child is more self-oriented and egocentric. Children begin using mental imagery and language. Children in this stage think in a non-logical and nonreversible pattern (Evans 1973). This meant kids, at this age, only see things from their own point of view. The third stage is the Concrete Operational stage from the ages six or seven to eleven or twelve. At this stage children see things in a more complex point...
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